Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014 : Mid-year race review

Below is a brief 6 month review of 2014. Crazy but fun list of races and training has been all over the map. 

- One 10 mile race
- One Half Marathon
- One Marathon
- One 50K
- One 200 mile relay
- The Dipsea and Dipsea Double

Distance 710.2mi
Time 124h 48m
Elevation Gain 51,988ft
Runs 81

 For the second half I'm focusing on ultra distances.  Basically a couple of 50ks and Marathons leading to my first 50 miler scheduled on 10/11.

Next year I promised to be more focused (well at least I can try)!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Race Report : Brazen's Double Dipsea June 21st, 2014

Once I heard that Brazen Racing was helping (taking up?) host the 45th annual Double Dipsea I signed up immediately.   If you are not from the greater San Francisco Bay Area you might not know about Brazen but they are amoung a handful of experienced trail race hosting companies known for high volunteer to runner ratios, well stocked Aid Stations (AS), finisher tables and good vibes!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Race Report : The Dipsea Race Sunday June 8th, 2014

In a previous post, I mentioned my appreciation for Northern Bay Area locals giving me the grand tour complete with tips and tricks for surviving a Dipsea run.  In that case it was a Double Dipsea training run from Mill Valley (MV) to Stinson Beach and back.

Last Sunday, June 8th, I joined nearly 1500 other runners for the 104th annual Dipsea race.  The weather started unseasonable warm and got warmer.  Here is what I learned from actual race day.

 The race officially started (for some) at 8:30AM and according to my smart phone was around 65 deg, and  forecast was high of 90.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Double Dipsea Training Run : May 31st, 2014

I applied for both the Double Dipsea, now hosted by Brazen Racing, and the regular Dipsea since I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get into the latter.  Surprise!  I somehow managed to get into the second oldest (oldest trail) race in the United States and coveted by Mill Valley and many other runners.  Then, I had that head-slap moment when I realized not only was I running two Dipsea races in a month but I had never run ANY of the marine headlands and no clue what I was in for.  Thus began my investigation and eventual Double Dipsea training run one week prior to the Dipsea!

The Dipsea : Second Sunday in June : June 8th, 2014
Double Dipsea  : Two weeks following Dipsea  : June 22nd, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Western States training weekend : Day 2 - The best $35 ever spent on training

On my bucket list is to do all three days of the Western States Memorial Training Weekend but this year I did just Saturday which was enough of an introduction into the craziness called WS.

If you live in the area you can get a supported run complete with fully stocked aid stations and burgers/water melon at the 'finish' for $35 per day or all three days for ~90 via ultra signup. If you are local to the greater 'Auburn' area and a trail runner you'd be crazy to miss this.  You don't have to have won the WS lottery nor even qualified at one of their races to do the training weekend.  Just have an interest in running 70 of the 100 trail miles of the WS100 with other crazy like minded trail runners.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Product Review : Injinji medium-weight, mini-crew toe socks

On longer 10 mile plus training runs sometimes I'd get tiny blisters either between my pinkie and neighboring toe or on top of a toe.  The blisters are mostly likely due a perfect storm of cheap socks I was wearing, sweat friction and toes getting jammed to the front of my shoes.  I don't think my shoes are part of the problem per se since I wear a half size larger already and they have a wide toe box.  I think the friction was due to aggressive trail running and cheap socks that just didn't provide much protection from the roof of my shoe and none between toes.  I tried adding Glide which helped to some extent, but what finally prevented toe blisters was magic in the form of toe socks!

Injinji toe socks come in several weights (light, original, medium), ankle lengths  (no-show, mini-crew) and colors (white, coal, black).  I know many like the black, no show, lightweight but the no show is just not high enough to clear some shoes and the lightweight doesn't protect enough for me.  My combination of choice is black/coal medium weight mini-crew.

[Note - I haven't done any river or stream crossings so I can't comment if light or medium weight would make a difference in how long it would take socks to clear water and dry out.]

You must give Injinji medium weight, mini-crew toe socks a try if you are at all susceptible to toe blisters.

Fabric : 55% CoolMax polyester/40% nylon/5% Lycra spandex

Thursday, May 15, 2014

[Video] Tuesday Trail Workout at Del Valle, Livermore, CA

Every Tuesday from Early Spring to Late Fall, our running club the Huffers and Puffers run roughly 7.5 miles covering 1300 feet of elevation change through the Hills of Del Valle State Park in Livermore, CA.  In Spring around St Patrick's Day the park is especially beautiful because it is green with life.  Folks outside of the California desert may take the color Green for granted but not us - we revel in the color green.  In this video is the tail end of California's 'green' season.  Yeah, it lasts about 2-4 weeks.

Here are some video snippets courtesy of a newly acquired GoPro Hero 3 Black with head mount.

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